Graphic Design, UX/UI
About This Project

To create an app that gather all the social/environmental events on your city, where you can join, store them and help NGO finding people for their cause.

Role: Visual designer – UX/UI

Date: 2021

The goal: 

An app that provides users with event information in their local vicinity. Also, I had a personal goal of developing my UX/UI skills.

Design principles:

After my research, I have come up with a set of design principles to admit while designing. We want to maintain the direct relationship between the user persona and the UI design.


1. Simple. The experience I created is one that should feel instinctual. Users do nor need to learn a new pattern, every interaction should come naturally, and all information should be presented with ultimate clarity, brevity and simplicity.
2. Polite. The design should be beneficial and accesible to the user. It should not have insignificant disturbances.
3. Safe and responsible. The design should provide the tools & knowledge necessary to inspire confidence in the users.


I decided to challenge myself by submitting a design with a ‘green, strong and professional’ response to the user.
As for workflow, I would have tested more along the design process by conducting a usability test in the wireframe phase if I had access to users that reflected the user.
On reflection, the project focus was aimed at UI design, so I concentrated on building that strong knowledge and practical base.
¡Animation of the mobile here !