Graphic Design, UX/UI
About This Project

Various projects. This is where I dump my ideas which are mostly excuses to expand my UX/UI abilities.

Role: Visual designer practicing interaction design

Date: 2019 – 2020

The project: 

The Dribbble challenge is the most recent personal project I have taken on. The challenge was to design a specific UX/UI element or interface every single day.  

I began this project as a way to learn and develop myself into the UX/UI world. 

This daily challenge helped me improve my abilities and in the end I created content of which I am proud of. 

Throughout this process I was able to freely develop styles, design elements and explore new skills. 

  • You can see the full design of the Fashion Blog here
  • You can see the full design of Norm Architects here
  • You can see the full design of Scalpers here
  • You can see the full design of Hay. Design Shop here


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