Advertising, Editorial Design, Identity
About This Project

This work was part of my Final Degree Project.
The “Integral Psicodanza” is a NonProfit Organization which tries to help people overcome their mental illnesses or disabilities and presents their artistic activities to the world, making the world a better place for them to live.The main aim was to bring people closer to art and make them think that art can change the way a person lives. It can be used as a therapy to treat people and get them to the real world where they can perform and express themselves. Orange is the color of creativity and it is the main color of my project. All the identity of “La Integral” has been redesigned again.

Firstly, it’s an official catalogue for a temporary exhibition. For this I had to work with the images I was given. I was not supposed to change the color or even the format of the photos.
Secondly, I had to make a creativity book as in the catalogue I was not able to “play” with the images. I decided to create a new book, where I could show a creative course. There not only I played with the photos, I also played with their composition. The main color of this book is orange, in order to make a relation between the exhibition and the rest of the art pieces.